Shehzada Fahad

Refund policy

On-demand Service:
My custom services (Store setup, Store customization, Facebook video ads, Facebook marketing services, any kind of service) are digital services that can easily be copied and saved, we do not allow or provide any refunds for any reason when you pay for the services. You agree to this policy and accept that we will not do any refund, no matter what the conditions are.

When you purchase our custom service, you agree to this policy and with respect to www.shehzadafahad.com on these subjects for refunds.

When you can have a refund:

When you purchase one of my custom services, we will contact you within 24 hours to start the work. If you want to have a refund you can ask for the refund before we start working on your project when we start working there is no chance of a refund no matter what the conditions are.


CEO: Shehzada Fahad Mehmood
Contact: Info@shehzdafahad.com
Call: +44 7915 606591

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