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Product Research for Shopify Dropshipping Store

Winning Product Research for Shopify Dropshipping Store

Product Research for Shopify Dropshipping Store

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About this service

Still, wasting time & money on non-performing products but no sales? No problem try our winning product that has helped 300+ stores.

My name is Fahad, A Shopify & Facebook Ads expert. I have been working with Shopify & Facebook Ads for the last 5 years. and worked with 300+ Shopify dropshipping stores, giving them my services, and strategies that led them to a successful online business they are making $30k and more than that per month.

Why me?

  • Confidence with my winning product makes $1,000 – $10,000 a month.
  • Give my winning product to 300+ stores
  • 5 years of experience
  • 14 support after order completion

Order now to have:

  • Problem-solving, wow factor, and eye-catching winning product
  • Shopify product uploading with Title + Description + images
  • Shopify product pricing and profit
  • Shopify product competitor
  • Dropshipping product reviews
  • Dropshipping product deep analysis on sales & revenue
  • Product research with 5 to 7 days
  • Facebook & Instagram marketing strategies
  • Expert-level videos for ads with thumbnails
  • Facebook ads competitors
  • Expert-level Facebook ad copies

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5 Winning Products+Deep Analysis+Uploading+Supplier+Products (Images, Title, Description, Tag, and SEO)+Competitors+Video AD+Facebook AD Strategies with Copy 10 Winning Products+Deep Analysis+Uploading+Supplier+Products (Images, Title, Description, Tag, and SEO)+Competitors+Video AD+Facebook AD Strategies with Copy 20 Winning Products+Deep Analysis+Uploading+Supplier+Products (Images, Title, Description, Tag, and SEO)+Competitors+Video AD+Facebook AD Strategies with Copy
Pricing research
Competition research
Number of products
5 10 20
Hours researched
5 10 20
Delivery Time 1 day 2 day 3 day





May I know which niche/product category will you recommend?
Well, we will recommend you start selling with a niche store and we will suggest you the best niche after seeing your store.
What would be their cost/profit analysis?
About product costing and profit margin, we will provide you with that in the product report when we make your report. The product will include the original cost and shipping cost after that we make the best price after market research.
Will you provide ad copy/description/keywords for the products?
Yes, we will provide you Facebook & Instagram ad copy with a perfect short description, and a big audience’s interest in advertising with Facebook & Instagram.
For the products/niche you will recommend, do they have a US-based supplier /Ship from the US?
Yes, they will be from the United States, But if we don’t find a US supplier, then we will go with E-Packet & Aliexpress Standard Shipping which will deliver the product to your customer within 7-21 days. But with these shipping methods, we have also shipped products to our customers within 7 to 12 day
What is the typical success rate for your clients for those specific products?
The success rate is 65% to 75% percent. But if you market the products and scale them perfectly the success rate would be 95% to 100%.
What’s your product research strategy, where do you find these products?
Our product strategy is unique we research and analyze 100 dropshipping stores daily and we deep dive into Aliexpress and use the rabbit hole strategy to find the problem solving, WOW Factor, and trendy products.
How old winning products do you give?
We will give you the products that sold within the last 2 to 4 months could be 6 or more if the products are performing well in the market.
What types of products do you avoid?
We normally avoid products like Creams, Lotions, and something like that which we don’t know.


183 reviews for Product Research for Shopify Dropshipping Store

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  5. Rogier Mal

    Easy communication, quick response time. Still need to test the products but looks good.

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  6. Glorisadol

    I’m very satisfied with his job. He sent me an excell wirh the products, a link to videos to include in my shop. The best was he also sent the interest and type of audience to target at in facebook ads, which will save me a lot of time.

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  7. Thisiscb

    One recommended product was already in my store.

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  10. Bws

    Always a pleasure to work with!

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  11. Paranoid

    I will test these products and give the review about products in my next order right now behavior,he change one product also and politely discuss each and every information about products and also he gives info about other niche thanks

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  12. Paddingtonjr

    Great communication and very responsive.

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  13. Arturocid

    all good although it takes a little more in research to choose winning products

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  14. Miamireslan

    Provided good quality products

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  15. Trycoosno

    Not Good Products

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  16. Vuknest

    Everything as described and very quick 👍

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  17. Ahmed El Mourid

    Good Shehzada Fahad im not using yet the products but in futur i will back and review service

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  18. Seankng

    Great work! i love the products 🙂

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  21. Plug

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    Received my products very fast. One was replaced, but it was still a little different from what I wanted. See how they will be sold.

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  40. Jactime

    Selected products are good, only a few products have not too many orders and reviews. The results at the beginning were not satisfactory, but after communication with the Shehzada Fahad, responded quickly and was very sincere to modify.

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